It is no secret that we love Kyocera products here at BRDP. We’ve decided to come up with the top ten reasons why. After reading them, we are positive you’ll want to see for yourself if you love Kyocera products too!


  1. Reliability. Kyocera products are extremely reliable. That is one of the top qualities that consumers look for when looking for office products. Kyocera products are sure to help your office run effectively and efficiently.
  2. Ease of use. This perk needs no explanation! Whether it is your first time scanning or part of your daily routine, Kyocera makes all products user-friendly for everyone. 
  3. Similarity between products. Learning the ins and outs of a new printer can be time consuming for an office worker. Most Kyocera products are extremely similar to one another making it very easy to adapt to a new product.
  4. Variety of products. Kyocera offers any type of machine you would need for your office. Whether your needs are printing, copying, faxing, scanning or a combination, Kyocera has a product for you.
  5. Applications. The applications Kyocera offers can completely change the way you communicate. The apps can be added to your current machines to make your work easier to complete. Apps range in abilities from scanning and printing from a mobile device to limiting color usage to assist with cost control. Check out the business application options on our website at brdp.com.  
  6. Accessories. Kyocera offers a wide variety of accessories. Any additions you need for your office products are available at a one-stop shop through the company.
  7. Research and development. Not only does Kyocera offer some of the best products, they are also leaders in the development of new offerings and products. Kyocera is dedicated to researching and developing the most up-to-date offerings in order to provide the best product they can to consumers like you and I.
  8. You can use any print driver in a Kyocera printer. This is a huge advantage of buying Kyocera products. Have you ever bought a print driver just to realize that you had to return it because you bought the wrong one? This won’t happen if you buy Kyocera products. On our newer color products, Kyocera ensures that you can use any print driver to create your desired colors. This saves Kyocera customers from making a common printing mistake.
  9. Up-to-date, but always improving. Kyocera not only has up-to-date products, but it is always improving their offerings. They listen to feedback and make adjustments to ensure that they offer their customers the best product they can.
  10. BRDP sells it. Last but not least, we sell these amazing products! This means you can get an awesome product with awesome customer service. Call us today at 225-291-5190 to discuss to Kyocera products we have to offer.  We are happy to help!