Do you need to buy new equipment or technology for your office, but you have no idea where to start? We can help. Before our customers purchase a new product from us, we like to gather as much detail from them as possible to ensure that we provide them with the best product based off of their needs. Below are a few questions we ask our customers, and the options customers have with BRDP based off of their answers.


What is your office environment?

This is usually the first question we ask our customers. With this question, we are trying to uncover how many people are using the office equipment, how much they are using it and what they are using it for. From this conversation, we usually determine what size and type of machine our customers need.

From this question, we can also discover if our customers can incorporate business apps into their daily routine. For example, if a company uses the scan feature often, but they are only scanning to their emails, we can suggest Kyocera Cloud Connect, giving customers the ability to conveniently scan or print straight from Evernote or Google Drive.

Kyocera Mobile Print also gives customers the ability to scan and print from any Apple or Android devices.


How much are you outsourcing?

With this question we want to find out if our customer is printing brochures, handouts, posters or any other unique-sized collateral outside of the office. If the company has to do this often, we want to provide them with a machine in-house that can print this collateral. Investing in a machine that can eliminate outsourcing will save a company time and money.


Do you often attend shows or conferences?

If you answered yes to outsourcing projects, we often follow up with this question. Shows and conference usually require posters and other large signage. If a client attends conferences or shows often, we more often than not suggest that they consider an Epson Wide Format printer. This printer can produce the needs for a show or conference right inside of the office.


Do you deal with confidential information?

Many times people do not realize that confidential information often requires specific hardware or software. A company dealing with confidential information needs higher security for scanning and printing. With Private Print, users can securely print documents from their PC and release the print job at the device by entering a personal identification codes (PIN) ensuring that the print jobs remain private. Along with higher security for scanning, shredders should be a priority for this type of environment.


Do you need to track prints and scans for billing purposes?

Companies that need to bill copies or prints to a specific department or client need specific additions on their equipment as well. Some of our business applications can assist in assuring that keeping track of this MFP activity is seamless.


We like to have a thorough conversation with all of our customers before they upgrade or buy new office equipment or technology to guarantee that we are suggesting the best products based off of their individual needs. Even if we do not have a certain product our customers need, we have great relationships within the industry, and we are happy to recommend a company that can suit our customer’s needs.

If you have any questions about upgrading your office equipment or technology, please let us know if the comments. We are happy to help you in any way that we can.