For those of you starting a small business or thinking about starting one, I will tell you it isn’t easy. Managing a business is hard work, but it definitely isn’t impossible. I have learned a few lessons throughout my years of managing a small business, and I think a few of these pieces of advice may help.



  1. Treat your employees like you do your customers. We are proud to say that we have multiple employees that have been with us for more than 20 years. We believe in order to have a successful business your employees need to be happy with their job. Happy employees share positive experiences and aspects about your company. Ultimately your employees are ambassadors for your brand. Satisfied employees are the best brand ambassadors you can have!
  2. Define your business culture. What makes you unique? Why should your customer do business with you rather than your competitor? You need to know the answer to these questions to create a culture for your business. This will help with many aspects of your business including hiring employees, making business deals, retaining customers and more.
  3. Treat every customer as your only customer. Customer service is so important, especially for small businesses. I cannot stress this point enough. Customers that experience exceptional customer service will do business with you again, and they will tell others about their pleasant experience.
  4. Hire people smarter than you. It is very important that your employees share the same values, but their talents should vary greatly. Your employees should have different strengths and expertise than you have. This allows your staff to have a variety of skills and knowledge.
  5. Confidence is key. Starting out you will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Be confident in your business decisions, but if they don’t work out don’t be afraid to make adjustments. You will find the best method for you and your business, but it may take time. Having confidence in your business and business decisions positions you as an expert to your employees and your customers.



We hope this tips help you and your business. We’d love to hear some strategies you use as well. Comment below to let us know!