How to Unclutter Your Life

In recent years, I’ve heard “unclutter” on New Year’s resolution lists more and more often (and for good reason!) Although it wasn’t my New Year’s resolution, I too have partaken in uncluttering my life by focusing on what’s most important in both my personal and professional life.

Do you ever get in to bed at night and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing that day? If you have this feeling far too often, you aren’t alone. One thing I have implemented that has tremendously helped me increase productivity and reduce stress is create a to-do list that includes only three things per day that I have to get done. This helps me stay focused on what is most important and reduces multi-tasking. If I get the the three most important things done, that is considered a win for me. Anything else I get done that day is icing on the cake!

Unfortunately for me, it took a very sudden, unexpected loss in my life for me to really see what is important. By having laser-focused, attainable goals, I am able to be more productive at work, leaving me much more free time in my personal life to do the things that I love like hanging out with my family and playing tennis with good friends, just to name a few.

To declutter at work, I cleaned out my desk and files. I threw away everything that I no longer needed and shredded old documents. I scanned the important documents to my Evernote account and shredded those too! At home, I donated all the clothes in my closet I haven’t worn the past year to Kelli’s Kloset (a local nonprofit that gives free clothes to women cancer patients). To make cleaning out easier, I focus on one closet or cabinet a week to clean out and I donate anything I don’t use or need!

As a female business owner, there’s a ton of pressure. Pressure not to fail. Pressure to set a good example. Pressure to successfully lead a team. What I’ve noticed recently is that by focusing on what’s most important, I’m now setting the best example I have in the history of my tenure as President of BRDP. With my commitment to declutter and refocusing on what’s truly meaningful, I’m showing my team that it is necessary for them to take care of themselves in order for them to bring their best to their work every day.

I hope this helps you and encourages you to declutter and focus on what is most important to you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

We're Hiring!

We are seeking a motivated, outgoing, and confident sales consultant to join our growing team and drive sales for our business. As a sales consultant, you will act as a liaison between our business and the customer in order to establish trust, increase knowledge, and drive more sales for our company.

Sales Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Schedule sales appointments with current and prospective customers
  • Maintain in-depth product knowledge and educate customers about the products
  • Generate and track new leads to continue expanding the reach of the business
  • Identify ways to market products to new consumers, including identifying new target markets
  • Uphold relationships with clients to ensure they remain satisfied, that their questions are answered, and that their needs are met
  • Collaborate with the marketing department to develop and implement new sales strategies
  • Meet with other associates and sales consultants to discuss innovative ways to effectively sell to customers
  • Constantly seek new ways to make products more attractive to current and prospective customers
  • Demonstrate advanced sales knowledge, and stay up to date on all company policies and procedures

Sales Consultant Requirements and Qualifications

  • Passion for relationship building and selling
  • Confident, friendly, and outgoing personality
  • Customer service-oriented attitude
  • Strong presentation and negotiation skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate with colleagues and customers
  • Resilience, persistence, and a willingness to cope with rejection
  • Excellent organization and time management capabilities
  • Thrive as an individual and as part of a team
  • Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent. Associate’s or bachelor’s degrees are preferred
  • 1-3 years of experience in a sales or customer service role

Interested? Email your resume to 


Within the past year, we’ve moved to a new building and we’ve updated our name. So what’s next? That’s right, a new website! 

As you know, we changed our name to Baton Rouge Digital Products a few months back. With our new and improved company name, we thought it was only logical to update our digital presence as well. We are excited to share what we have changed to make sure we are giving our customers the best experience possible, even online. 

Have you ever been to a website where you can’t find what you are looking for? That will not be the case with our new site. is now simple, but all-encompassing. Throughout the process of creating the website, we made sure to think about the site user every step of they way, ensuring that our site is user-friendly, visually appealing and functional. 

We do not list every product that we carry. Why’s that? We give you an overview of our digital office products, and encourage customers to contact us for more information. This ensures that we are giving all of our customers dedicated attention throughout the buying process. With this approach, our highly-trained team can help customers choose the product that will best fit their business’ needs.

Lastly, we are most excited about our brand new customer portal on our website. The customer portal provides quick and easy access for our customers to communicate their needs to us. Through this password protected portal, customers can order supplies, pay invoices, request service and more. We meant it when we said we were going digital! 

Take a look around the new and let us know what you think! 


With today being Father’s Day, I can’t help but be infinitely grateful that I had the best mentor anyone could want—our founder, and my Dad, Win Brignac. Having parents that were business owners when I was growing up taught me so many lessons that I still implement in my personal and professional life. I am blessed to still have my mom in my life, but lost my dad several years ago. Nonetheless, his legacy and lessons guide my daily life. Thanks, Dad!

Here are you a few of the many things that I’ve learned from Dad.

1. Moms, you can do both, and you can do them well.

Ladies, do not think you have to choose a career over family. It is very possible to be greatly successful at both. Check out the blog I wrote including tips for working mothers.

Every working mom has felt like they are missing out on their children’s life. I’ve been there too, but this is not the case. I know this because my dad taught me that I can find a balance to follow my dreams both professionally and enjoy my family time.

2. Be confident.  

In a world filled with male business owners, my dad taught me that it was crucial to have confidence in my business knowledge and my leadership abilities. He saw my mom was proof that it is possible to succeed in this business culture and he knew that my situation would not be any different. His certainty in my ability to take over the family business was just the beginning of me being the confident business owner I am today!

3. Family comes first.

Being a business owner, work can overflow into your personal life quite often. Dad showed me how to separate work and home life by always keeping family first. I pride myself in continuing to follow this lesson that I learned from my parents in my everyday life.

These are just a few of the infinite lessons my dad taught me. I’m happy to say that to this day he influences BRDP and our business decisions often thinking, “What would Dad do?”

If you are fortunate to celebrate this day with your dad, thank him for the positive influences he has had in your life.

What life or business lessons has your dad taught you? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!


We are so excited to share with you that we are changing our name to Baton Rouge Digital Products. BRDP will continue to offer the same efficient products backed behind the same great team and customer service you’ve come to know. We are simply updating our name to better reflect our company.

People associate the word duplicating with the printing process. In the past, the duplicating part of our name was synonymous with selling printers, one of the main focuses of our company. Over the years, BRDP expanded our product lines to help businesses operate more efficiently—from the typewriter days and then fax machines, copiers, and scanners to the multi-functional products we sell and service today.

My dad built our company more than 60 years ago and it has always been a priority for me to continue the legacy he has created with BRDP. He was a progressive thinker who was never afraid to make changes. BRDP has set the pace in the industry, and I’m confident that my dad would support this decision and agree that this change will assist our business in better serving our customers’ needs.

Changing what the “D” represents in BRDP to “digital” speaks more of who we are and is more relevant for today’s businesses. One thing that isn’t changing is our commitment to provide excellent service to our existing and new customers. BRDP will continue to provide experience no one can copy. And now, after decades of duplicating, we’re going digital.

To quote Winston Churchill, “There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction.” Baton Rouge Digital Products looks forward to serving you today and for decades to come!


Do you need to buy new equipment or technology for your office, but you have no idea where to start? We can help. Before our customers purchase a new product from us, we like to gather as much detail from them as possible to ensure that we provide them with the best product based off of their needs. Below are a few questions we ask our customers, and the options customers have with BRDP based off of their answers.


What is your office environment?

This is usually the first question we ask our customers. With this question, we are trying to uncover how many people are using the office equipment, how much they are using it and what they are using it for. From this conversation, we usually determine what size and type of machine our customers need.

From this question, we can also discover if our customers can incorporate business apps into their daily routine. For example, if a company uses the scan feature often, but they are only scanning to their emails, we can suggest Kyocera Cloud Connect, giving customers the ability to conveniently scan or print straight from Evernote or Google Drive.

Kyocera Mobile Print also gives customers the ability to scan and print from any Apple or Android devices.


How much are you outsourcing?

With this question we want to find out if our customer is printing brochures, handouts, posters or any other unique-sized collateral outside of the office. If the company has to do this often, we want to provide them with a machine in-house that can print this collateral. Investing in a machine that can eliminate outsourcing will save a company time and money.


Do you often attend shows or conferences?

If you answered yes to outsourcing projects, we often follow up with this question. Shows and conference usually require posters and other large signage. If a client attends conferences or shows often, we more often than not suggest that they consider an Epson Wide Format printer. This printer can produce the needs for a show or conference right inside of the office.


Do you deal with confidential information?

Many times people do not realize that confidential information often requires specific hardware or software. A company dealing with confidential information needs higher security for scanning and printing. With Private Print, users can securely print documents from their PC and release the print job at the device by entering a personal identification codes (PIN) ensuring that the print jobs remain private. Along with higher security for scanning, shredders should be a priority for this type of environment.


Do you need to track prints and scans for billing purposes?

Companies that need to bill copies or prints to a specific department or client need specific additions on their equipment as well. Some of our business applications can assist in assuring that keeping track of this MFP activity is seamless.


We like to have a thorough conversation with all of our customers before they upgrade or buy new office equipment or technology to guarantee that we are suggesting the best products based off of their individual needs. Even if we do not have a certain product our customers need, we have great relationships within the industry, and we are happy to recommend a company that can suit our customer’s needs.

If you have any questions about upgrading your office equipment or technology, please let us know if the comments. We are happy to help you in any way that we can.


Nowadays it’s rare to see someone not using a mobile phone. Our cell phones have become such a huge part of our lives, and in many ways they have made our daily activities more convenient and less stressful. Besides using my phone for communication every day, I use several applications on my cell phone daily. Here are a few mobile apps that make my life so much easier.


If you haven’t used Waze, you are really missing out! Like Google Maps or the iPhone maps application, Waze gives users directions from point A to point B. What Waze does that the other apps do not is the real reason I use Waze. This app lets users comment and share information through the app to tell other users traffic updates, accidents, cops’ locations and more. For example, if an accident occurs, a user near the scene can suggest alternative routes or inform other users of possibly delays. Quite possibly my favorite thing about this app is that it syncs with my phone’s calendar and tells me when to leave my current location to get to my next appointment on time. This app has saved me so many times when I have been consumed by work in my office, and didn’t realize that I need to leave the office ASAP to make my next meeting.

Kyocera Mobile Print

It is no secret that we are huge fans of Kyocera here at BRDP, but this particular app has been a game changer in my daily activities. Simply put, this app allows you to print or scan from your mobile device virtually anywhere. Printing from my phone has allowed me to eliminate unnecessary steps, save time and become much more efficient throughout the workday. If your job requires you to be on the go often, Kyocera Mobile Print can definitely be useful to you too!


Quite frankly, Evernote is a lifesaver. From my kid’s schedules, to my business information, to my social calendar—everything is in Evernote. One of the many reasons I use this app is because I can keep everything in one place. For business in particular, Evernote is extremely useful in my communication with my clients. I create a folder for each of my clients on the app, and I save anything and everything associated to that client to that folder. I can attach documents, emails, websites, photos and more. I never have to search through emails or look anywhere else for documents for clients because Evernote keeps everything easily accessible and in one place!

Do you have any apps you love that we should be using? Let us know your favorites in the comments!


For those of you starting a small business or thinking about starting one, I will tell you it isn’t easy. Managing a business is hard work, but it definitely isn’t impossible. I have learned a few lessons throughout my years of managing a small business, and I think a few of these pieces of advice may help.



  1. Treat your employees like you do your customers. We are proud to say that we have multiple employees that have been with us for more than 20 years. We believe in order to have a successful business your employees need to be happy with their job. Happy employees share positive experiences and aspects about your company. Ultimately your employees are ambassadors for your brand. Satisfied employees are the best brand ambassadors you can have!
  2. Define your business culture. What makes you unique? Why should your customer do business with you rather than your competitor? You need to know the answer to these questions to create a culture for your business. This will help with many aspects of your business including hiring employees, making business deals, retaining customers and more.
  3. Treat every customer as your only customer. Customer service is so important, especially for small businesses. I cannot stress this point enough. Customers that experience exceptional customer service will do business with you again, and they will tell others about their pleasant experience.
  4. Hire people smarter than you. It is very important that your employees share the same values, but their talents should vary greatly. Your employees should have different strengths and expertise than you have. This allows your staff to have a variety of skills and knowledge.
  5. Confidence is key. Starting out you will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. Be confident in your business decisions, but if they don’t work out don’t be afraid to make adjustments. You will find the best method for you and your business, but it may take time. Having confidence in your business and business decisions positions you as an expert to your employees and your customers.



We hope this tips help you and your business. We’d love to hear some strategies you use as well. Comment below to let us know! 


It is no secret that we love Kyocera products here at BRDP. We’ve decided to come up with the top ten reasons why. After reading them, we are positive you’ll want to see for yourself if you love Kyocera products too!


  1. Reliability. Kyocera products are extremely reliable. That is one of the top qualities that consumers look for when looking for office products. Kyocera products are sure to help your office run effectively and efficiently.
  2. Ease of use. This perk needs no explanation! Whether it is your first time scanning or part of your daily routine, Kyocera makes all products user-friendly for everyone. 
  3. Similarity between products. Learning the ins and outs of a new printer can be time consuming for an office worker. Most Kyocera products are extremely similar to one another making it very easy to adapt to a new product.
  4. Variety of products. Kyocera offers any type of machine you would need for your office. Whether your needs are printing, copying, faxing, scanning or a combination, Kyocera has a product for you.
  5. Applications. The applications Kyocera offers can completely change the way you communicate. The apps can be added to your current machines to make your work easier to complete. Apps range in abilities from scanning and printing from a mobile device to limiting color usage to assist with cost control. Check out the business application options on our website at  
  6. Accessories. Kyocera offers a wide variety of accessories. Any additions you need for your office products are available at a one-stop shop through the company.
  7. Research and development. Not only does Kyocera offer some of the best products, they are also leaders in the development of new offerings and products. Kyocera is dedicated to researching and developing the most up-to-date offerings in order to provide the best product they can to consumers like you and I.
  8. You can use any print driver in a Kyocera printer. This is a huge advantage of buying Kyocera products. Have you ever bought a print driver just to realize that you had to return it because you bought the wrong one? This won’t happen if you buy Kyocera products. On our newer color products, Kyocera ensures that you can use any print driver to create your desired colors. This saves Kyocera customers from making a common printing mistake.
  9. Up-to-date, but always improving. Kyocera not only has up-to-date products, but it is always improving their offerings. They listen to feedback and make adjustments to ensure that they offer their customers the best product they can.
  10. BRDP sells it. Last but not least, we sell these amazing products! This means you can get an awesome product with awesome customer service. Call us today at 225-291-5190 to discuss to Kyocera products we have to offer.  We are happy to help! 


This Lenten season, we are trying to pay it forward. You don’t have to “give something up” or even honor the Lenten season to pay it forward with us. We have come up with a few ideas on how we can all give a little more this season.

Here are some ways we are paying it forward:

  • Our outside sign—Have you passed by the office lately? Our sign outside always has a positive message on it because we like to encourage others.
  • Serving you with a smile—At BRDP, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We are happy to serve you!
  • Thanking our customers and friends—We appreciate you and all of our customers. Check out our recent blog to see some of our fellow local businesses we recently highlighted.

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, it just has to be a selfless deed. Here are a few ways you can join us in paying it forward:

  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. This is usually one of the most common ways to pay it forward because it’s so easy. If you do this simple task, you will be sure to make someone’s day!
  • Let someone know how important he or she is to you. Tight on money? Not a problem you can still pay it forward! Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you, compliment someone or simply smile at someone just because. It’s the little things that count anyway, right?
  • Encourage others to pay it forward too. It’s your job to keep spreading the love! If someone appreciates your nice gesture, tell him or her to do something nice for someone else as well. 

We hope you join us in paying it forward this Lenten season. If you have a great experience doing something nice for someone else, let us know. We would love to hear it! 


As many of us know, being a mom is a full-time job. Having a full-time job on top of being a full-time mom can be a lot to handle sometimes, but it definitely isn’t impossible. Running a business and being the mom of two girls is something that I have learned to juggle. Here are a few tips that I can give you based on my experience.

1.Get organized.

If you do not have a calendar, you need one. It is an essential. I suggest color coordinating that calendar as well. I have a different color for each person in my family, work, etc. I also have a paper copy of this and an electronic copy. This way I can always have a copy of everything I need to remember. 

2.Don’t multitask.

You are probably thinking “How will I complete everything if I don’t multitask?” It’s possible. What you need to do is give 100% of your attention to one thing at a time. For example, when I am working I am focused completely on getting my work done. When I am home, that is strictly family time. Set limits for yourself so that you can give your all to one specific project at a time. 

3.Set goals on a quarterly basis. 

Many people set goals when the new year roles around. Either you complete them or you don’t, then give yourself another New Year’s resolution the next year. I give myself goals to accomplish four times a year. This keeps me on top of things that I know I want to complete. I also do this to give myself a shorter timeline. I know that I only have a few months to reach my goal, and I devote those months to completing it. 


As we close out the year, we want to say thank you Baton Rouge and surrounding cities for your support for our small business. We are so appreciative for all of our clients, especially those clients that are fellow small businesses in Baton Rouge. Because our clients help us so much, we want to help them by sharing with you the services these Baton Rouge small businesses can provide for you.

Roco Rescue

Roco Rescue provides training, equipment and services for emergency responders and more.

Z Aesthetic Dermatology

Our friends here can help your with needs ranging from cosmetic, laser and medical surgical dermatology. 

Alma Plantation 

Did you know this sugar mill has been servicing Louisiana for more than 200 years? 

General Rental

General Rental isn’t kidding when they say, “we’ve got it all.” They always have hundreds of items in stock. 

Alford Safe & Lock

Alford Safe & Lock offers professional services to industrial, residential and commercial customers, and it has done so for more than 65 years. 


Of course we want you to support your local TV station that gives Baton Rouge their daily news.

Quantum Laboratories 

Quantum serves the community to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. 

Medines Collision Center

Not only does Medines offer abundant services, they do so with great customer service as well.

Petz Plaza

Petz Plaza not only grooms and keeps your pet, but they also care for your pet just as much as you do.

Kleinpeter Photography

Kleinpeter Photography is a full-service photography studio that has been in business for over 35 years. Everything from family portraits to weddings, trust the team at Kleinpeter Photography to capture your special moments. 

Kyler Orthodontics

Dr. Kyler and his team strive to give the best orthodontics care by using the newest technology  in their family-friendly office. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Did you know we have a tradition of sending our clients a delicious Nothing Bundt Cakes treat? If you haven’t tried one, you are missing out. 

We love working to help other small businesses like ourselves. We encourage you to support some of our favorite small businesses, just as they support us. Thanks to all of our clients, and we are looking forward to an exciting 2015 with you!